Standards-based Marine Science Field Study Program

Expedition Sewee gives students a chance to explore the beaches, salt marshes, landforms and cultural resources of the Lowcountry.

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Tons of Exciting Activities

Expedition Sewee is a field study program for grades 3-8 held a few steps from the Intracoastal Waterway.

Expedition Sewee offers an unforgettable study of coastal ecosystems. Teachers and students will explore beaches, salt marshes, landforms and cultural resources of the Lowcountry. Surrounded by Francis Marion National Forest and Camp Romain National Wildlife Refuge, Expedition Sewee is perfectly staged to give your students an up-close look at plant and animal interactions in the natural world, while focusing on SC state science standards.

Barrier Island Expedition

  • Boat ride with naturalist interpretation to an undeveloped barrier island
  • Barrier island formation and ecology
  • Construct explanations of the phenomena of barrier island creation and “drum stick island” using models and scientific evidence
  • USCG Licensed Captains and Inspected Vessels

Salt Marsh Expedition

  • Importance of the salt marsh ecosystem
  • Adaptations of flora and fauna
  • Predator-prey interactions and food web roles

Marine Life Expedition

  • Classification and adaptations of marine invertebrates
  • Importance and history of the Intracoastal Waterway
  • Explore plant and animal interactions
  • Discuss biotic and abiotic factors within this aquatic ecosystem

Coastal Ecology

  • Compare and contrast South Carolina habitats and land forms
  • Use the processes and skills of scientific inquiry to understand science content
  • Use a map of camp as a model to construct scientific arguments
  • Predict outcomes based on observations and measurements
  • Explore biotic and abiotic factors within the terrestrial ecosystem

Littorina Snail Research Project

  • Conduct a scientific investigation
  • Form hypotheses, make observations and collect data

Fouling Lab

  • Use scientific tools
  • Make observations of marine macroinvertebrates
  • Classify organisms based on their characteristics


  • Schedule

    Our typical program runs from Monday-Wednesday or Wednesday-Friday. We also offer one- and two-day programs depending on your group's needs.

  • Capacity

    Camp Sewee is a full-service, waterfront facility with year-round professional staff and a sleeping capacity of 62 participants.

    We love working with groups of all sizes.

  • Pricing

    $160/student & $100/adult chaperone. Includes all meals, lodging and data books. Number of chaperones may be limited based on US Coast Guard regulations for boat capacity.

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Expedition Sewee runs all through the school year. For information, submit a request information form.

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